Precalculus 2 Practice Exam

Test 2 Time: 1.5 hours

  1. Use fundamental identities and algebra to simplify


    to one of the six basic trigonometric functions. Show all steps.



  2. Find all exact solutions for


    on the interval tex2html_wrap_inline167 .

    Answer: The exact solutions are:


  3. A triangle has angles tex2html_wrap_inline169 and tex2html_wrap_inline171 . The side c between these angles is 6 feet long. Find the third angle C and the lengths of the other two sides. Round the lengths to two decimal places.

    Answer: The side of the triangle tex2html_wrap_inline175 feet, and tex2html_wrap_inline177 feet, and the angle tex2html_wrap_inline179 .

  4. Verify the identity


    Show all steps.



  5. Use the Sum and Difference Identities to find the exact values of tex2html_wrap_inline181 .

    Answer: tex2html_wrap_inline183 .


  6. If tex2html_wrap_inline185 and tex2html_wrap_inline187 , find the exact values for the following:
  7. A triangle has sides of lengths a=5, b=7, and c=10 meters. Find its three angles and round your results to one decimal place.

    Answer: The three angles are: tex2html_wrap_inline201 , tex2html_wrap_inline203 , and tex2html_wrap_inline205 .

  8. Find all exact solutions for tex2html_wrap_inline207 on the interval tex2html_wrap_inline209 .

    Answer: The exact solutions are:


  9. Let tex2html_wrap_inline211 .

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