Precalculus 2 Practice Exam

Test 1 Time: 1.5 hours

  1. Find an equation for each asymptote of the graph of


    Answer: The graph has only one vertical asymptote, with equation tex2html_wrap_inline179 . Note that the line x = -1 is not a vertical asymptote, since the numerator is also 0 at x = -1.

    The equation for the oblique (slant) asymptote is tex2html_wrap_inline181 . The graph has no horizontal asymptote.

  2. Find all solutions for the equation


    Answer: x=4.

  3. Find all solutions for the equation


    Answer: tex2html_wrap_inline185 .

  4. True or False?
  5. Suppose that in 1989 a species of turtle was accidentally released into a wetland. Four years later a biologist estimated that there were 300 turtles in the wetland. In 1996 she estimated that there were 450 turtles.

    Let tex2html_wrap_inline195 represent the size of the turtle population in the year t, where t=0 corresponds to the year 1989.

    Find A, the initial population of turtles. And find r, the exponential growth rate.

    Answer: The initial population A is 175. The exponential growth rate r is 0.135.

  6. If the point (x,y)=(-3,-1) is on the terminal side of tex2html_wrap_inline211 , give the exact values for:
  7. If the terminal side of tex2html_wrap_inline229 is in the third quadrant, and if tex2html_wrap_inline231 , give exact values for:
  8. Find all the angles tex2html_wrap_inline249 between tex2html_wrap_inline251 and tex2html_wrap_inline253 that satisfy tex2html_wrap_inline255 . Round your answers to three decimal places.

    Answer: The angles are tex2html_wrap_inline257 and tex2html_wrap_inline259 .

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