Precalculus II Practice Exam

Test 1 Time: 1.5 hours

  1. Find an equation for each asymptote of the graph of


  2. Find all solutions for the equation


  3. Find all solutions for the equation


  4. True or False?

  5. Suppose that in 1989 a species of turtle was accidentally released into a wetland. Four years later a biologist estimated that there were 300 turtles in the wetland. In 1996 she estimated that there were 450 turtles. Let tex2html_wrap_inline91 represent the size of the turtle population in the year t, where t=0 corresponds to the year 1989. Find A, the initial population ot turtles. And find r, the exponential growth rate.

  6. If the point (x,y)=(-3,-1) is on the terminal side of tex2html_wrap_inline103 , give the exact values for:
  7. If the terminal side of tex2html_wrap_inline113 is in the third quadrant, and if tex2html_wrap_inline115 , give exact values for:
  8. Find all the angles tex2html_wrap_inline125 between tex2html_wrap_inline127 and tex2html_wrap_inline129 that satisfy tex2html_wrap_inline131 . Round your answers to three decimal places.

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