Precalculus Practice Exam

Part 2 Test 7 Time: 1 hour

  1. A ball that is thrown upward follows the path tex2html_wrap_inline76 , where h(t) represents the height of the ball above the ground at time t, and t represents the time since the ball was thrown. How high above the ground did the ball reach?

    Answer: The maximum height that the ball reached was 17 units.

  2. Find a tex2html_wrap_inline84 degree polynomial with real coefficients that has zeros 0, -3i, and 2-i.

    Answer: tex2html_wrap_inline90 .

  3. Divide tex2html_wrap_inline92 .



  4. a)
    List the set of possible rational zeros for


    Answer: tex2html_wrap_inline94 .

    Factor tex2html_wrap_inline96 completely.

    Answer: (x-2i)(x+2i)(x-1)(x-4).

  5. a)
    Find the equations of all vertical, horizontal, or slant asymptotes of the graph of


    Answer: The equations of the vertical asymptotes are x=1, and x=-1. There are no horizontal asymptotes. The equation of the slant asymptote is y=3x.

    Explain how you used the graph of f(x) to verify your findings.

    Answer: By looking at the graph of f(x), the values of f(1), and f(-1) are undefined. The graph gets closer and closer to the lines x=1, and x=-1 but it never crosses it.

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