Math for Social Sciences II. Practice Exam.

  1. Find the limit of the following functions: (12 points)

  2. Find the feasibility region in the following. Label any ``corner'' points of the region. (16 pts)

    tex2html_wrap_inline92 , tex2html_wrap_inline94 , tex2html_wrap_inline96 , tex2html_wrap_inline98 .

  3. Minimize z=4x+12y subject to: (18 pts)

    tex2html_wrap_inline102 , tex2html_wrap_inline104 , tex2html_wrap_inline96 , tex2html_wrap_inline98 .

  4. Find the derivative of each of the following: (20 pts)

  5. Use the definition of the derivative to find f'(3) if f(x)=2x+4 (7pts)

  6. The cost of producing x pizzas is tex2html_wrap_inline126 (7 pts)

  7. Set up the following problems. Indicate what the variables represent, the objective function and any constraints. (10 each)

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