Math For Social Sciences. Practice Exam

  1. Find an equation for the line through the point (-2,5), which is perpendicular to the line 3y-x+2=0.
  2. The cost of producing x units of a product is given by:


    The product sells for $45 per unit.

  3. A 45-year old man puts $1,500 in a retirement account at the end of the each quarter until he reaches the age of 60 and makes no further deposits. If the account pays 12% interest compounded quarterly, how much will be in the account when the man retires at age 65?
  4. Use the method of matrix inverses to solve the system of equations


  5. Sketch the graph of f(x)=|3x-12|. Identify and include any intercepts in your sketch.
  6. Solve each of the following for x:
  7. Which of the following (if any) represent y as a function of x? Explain your answers. That is, if you believe that the first expression is (or is not) a function, explain how you came to this conclusion. Do the same for the second expression.
  8. Use the elimination method to solve the following system:


  9. Consider the supply and demand curves in the sketch below:

  10. A small resort must add a swimming pool to compete with a new resort built nearby. The pool will cost $28,000. The resort borrows the money and agrees to repay it in equal payments at the end of each quarter for tex2html_wrap_inline178 years at an interest rate of 6% compounded quarterly. Find the amount of each payment.
  11. Consider the function tex2html_wrap_inline180 .
  12. If tex2html_wrap_inline186 , tex2html_wrap_inline188 , and tex2html_wrap_inline190 .
    Find tex2html_wrap_inline192 .
  13. Using the Gauss-Jordan method, solve the system of equations:


  14. A patient was admitted to a hospital with a declining white blood cell count, described by the equation:


    where t is time in hours since the patient was admitted, and y is the blood count.

  15. The Waputi Indians make woven blankets, rugs, and skirts. Each blanket requires 24 hrs for spinning the yarn, 4 hrs for dying the yarn, and 15 hrs for weaving. Rugs require 30 hrs for spinning, 5 hrs for dying, and 18 hrs for weaving. Skirts require 12 hrs for spinning, 3 hrs for dying, and 9 hrs for weaving. There are 306 hours available for spinning, 59 hrs for dying, and 201 hrs for weaving. Set up a system of equations which could be used to determine the number of blankets, rugs, and skirts made. Do not solve!
  16. Let tex2html_wrap_inline198 tex2html_wrap_inline200 tex2html_wrap_inline202 tex2html_wrap_inline204



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