Math For Social Sciences. Practice Exam

  1. Write each exponential statement in its equivalent logarithmic form:
  2. Write each logarithmic statement in its equivalent exponential form:
  3. Sketch each of the following graphs. Identify any intercepts and asymptotes in your sketch:
  4. Solve each of the following equations for x. Give exact answers (i.e. no decimals).
  5. Solve each of the following equations for x. Round your answers to one decimal place.
  6. If tex2html_wrap_inline187 , tex2html_wrap_inline189 , and tex2html_wrap_inline191 ,
    find tex2html_wrap_inline193 .

    Answer: The tex2html_wrap_inline195 .

  7. True or False:
  8. Ashley borrows $1,350 at simple interest to pay taxes. The loan is for 8 months and costs $96.30 in interest. Find the annual interest rate.

    Answer: The annual interest rate is 10.73%.

  9. In 3 years Isaac will need $6,000 to pay off a loan. What lump sum can be deposited today, at 9.5% compounded semiannually, so that he will have enough to pay off the loan?

    Answer: The amount needed to be deposited is approximately $4,541.79.

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