Practice Exam: Series and Taylor Series
Time: 60 minutes

Problem 1 (15 points)   Use the fourth degree Taylor polynomial of $\cos(2x)$ to find the exact value of


Explain your reasoning!

Problem 2 (15 points)   Find the third degree Taylor polynomial of


with center x0=3.

Problem 3 (15 points)   Let $f(x)=\ln(1+x^2)$. Find the Taylor series of f(x) with center x0=0 and its radius of convergence.

Problem 4 (15 points)   Find the radius of convergence of the power series

\begin{displaymath}\sum_{n=0}^\infty (-3)^n\sqrt{n+1}\,(x+1)^{2n+1}\end{displaymath}

Problem 5 (20 points)   Find the exact value of the following series:

Problem 6 (20 points)   An antibiotic decays exponentially in the human body with a half-life of about 2.5 hours. Suppose a patient takes a 250 mg tablet of the antibiotic every 6 hours.

Write an expression for Q2, Q3, Q4, where Qn is the amount (in mg) of the antibiotic in the body after the $n^{\mbox{th}}$ tablet is taken. Note that Q1=250 mg.
Write an expression for Qn, and put it in closed form.
Assume the antibiotic treatment consists of a total of 28 tablets. Give a numerical estimate for the amount of antibiotic in the body immediately after the patient takes the last tablet of the treatment.

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