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Being a dedicated internet enthusiast, it was a no-brainer to choose a topic for my extra-credit assignment. I've been cruising the web all semester for math sites and have found the one reported on here to be most helpful. S.O.S. Mathematics is the worldwide web site of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at The University of Texas at El Paso. It was created by education and mathematics professors at the school, along with help from students there. During the past two months I've been using the site and have found it to be quite helpful. Several features in particular have made it especially interesting and enjoyable. The style of the site---its layout and language---make it very easy to move through. The information is relevant and presented in a straightforward and engaging tone. Two particularly helpful features offered are the "cyber exams" which allow one to be tested on-line ( a first-time experience for me) and links to other math sites and discussion groups on the web. Although I certainly would not suggest it as a substitute for a good math text and a (living!) teacher, I would strongly recommend this site to anyone wanting to augment and enhance their classwork with computerized learning. It is nice to know that as more and more learning becomes computerized that we can look forward to experiences like S.O.S. Mathematics. If this is somehow emblematic of the "brave new world" I say, Bring it on!

Irving S.

Congratulations. Your page is exactly what I was looking for. I navigated in the www for hours before finding your page.
Best Regards

Martha C.

Awesome site, keep up the great work. I use the Math help as a reference for my students! They love it!

Gord S.

THANK YOU for having the webpage you have! I've got a book named College Algebra and it [deleted], as far as I'm concerned they could navigate their students to your webpage instead cause it simplifies and thoroughly explains equations they way they are supposed to be!

"The Almighty"

Super site--just found it today! I like the clean look and useful content. I've already suggested the site to my daughter (calculus) and will pass the URL along to my students (college algebra). I'll look for additional blue printing on your pages.

Lucia B.

i think that it is wonderful that you have such a wonderful web site. My algebra teacher introduced your site to us. THANX AGAIN!!!


You made a Saturday math assignment for a seventh grader doing fractions very clear. My dad and I were stumped. We just typed in "Dividing Fractions" and there was your page.

Stephen C.

sos is the best place to go for math help...you have saved me and directly answered the question i have been asking. thanks, for the time and effort it took to put this together.


I am the mother of three (two college-aged and one in jr high) and this home page of SOS enables me to review and understand math I took 20 years ago. It's fabulous. I don't dare tell my husband who is a mathematician why I am able to discuss his actuarial topics these days.
Thanks much. Sincerely,

Carol K.

hello people .. i am electrical engineer in germany ... i want to thank u for this fantastic site .. and i hope u go on with it
good luck ..


This is the best math site on the net by far. It is easy to navigate, provides an ample number of examples, and downloads quickly. I am taking the GMAT in March and came across your site via EXCITE! just in time to help me study for the test....
Finally, I noticed your counter said I was the 4089th vister to the site since 8/96. This is an incredibly low number considering the magnificent scope of information you provide. Maybe the marketing students could work on that for you.


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