1. To solve a logarithmic equation, rewrite the equation in exponential form and solve for the variable.

Example 4: Solve for x in the equation



Step 1: Note that for the problem to be valid, we should have


Therefore, the problem is valid if we restrict the domain (values of x) to any real numbers x < - 2 or x > - 1. You can also graph the function


and note that there is a graph to the right of - 1 and to the left of - 2; there is no graph between these values. Note that the graph has two intercepts, one positive and one negative. The graph crosses the x-axis between 8 an 9, so you know one answer will be between 8 and 9. The graph also crosses the x-axis between - 11 and - 12, so you one answer will be between these two numbers.

Step 2: Rewrite the equation tex2html_wrap_inline65 as


Step 3: Simplify the left side of the above equation:


Step 4: We need to isolate the log term, so multiply both sides by 2:


Step 5: Convert the above equation to an exponential equation:


Step 6: Subtract 100 from both sides of the above equation:


Step 7: Solve for x with the quadratic formula


which gives


Check: You can check your answer in two ways. You could graph the function


and see where it crosses the x-axis. If you are correct, the graph should cross the x-axis at 8.512492197 and - 11.15124921973.
You can also check your answer by substituting the values of x in the initial equation and determining whether the left side of the equation equals the right side of the equation after the substitution.

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