Let a be a positive number such that a does not equal 1, let n be a real number, and let u and v be positive real numbers.

Logarithmic Rule 1: tex2html_wrap_inline90

Example 1: Suppose that a base is 6 and exponents are 3 and 5. We could solve the exponential problem tex2html_wrap_inline92 by calculating tex2html_wrap_inline94 and tex2html_wrap_inline96 and multiplying the results. tex2html_wrap_inline98 and tex2html_wrap_inline100 and their product is tex2html_wrap_inline102 . You could also solve the problem by first combing the exponents tex2html_wrap_inline104 .
The same is true of logarithms. Suppose you wanted to calculate tex2html_wrap_inline106 . You could calculate the answer by first multiplying 216 by 7776, changing the base of 6 to either 10 or e and calculating the results.


Or you could first combine the logarithms using Rule 1 and then change the bases.


rounded to 8.

Example 2: Calculate tex2html_wrap_inline112 .

Solution: Since a base is not indicated, we know that the base is 10. We can calculate the logarithms directly by first multiplying the 30 and the 5. Note that tex2html_wrap_inline112 can be written tex2html_wrap_inline116 . By Rule 1 we can also write tex2html_wrap_inline112 as


To write this problem in turns of exponents, note that the base is 10 and the exponents are 1.4771213 and 0.69897. tex2html_wrap_inline122 , rounded to 30. tex2html_wrap_inline124 , rounded to 5. We could also combine the bases


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Problem 1: Calculate tex2html_wrap_inline128 .


Problem 2: Calculate tex2html_wrap_inline130 .


Problem 3: Calculate tex2html_wrap_inline132 .


Problem 4: Calculate tex2html_wrap_inline134 .


Problem 5: Simplify tex2html_wrap_inline136 and write the answer in terms of a base 10. What assumptions must be made about a, b, d, and d before you can work this problem?


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